Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why I was a Democrat?

I was the first Democrat. I trusted in the people. Alexander Hamilton thought the people were rabble.  From my grave I give you my insight of the day.   Here's my thoughts on the Republicans of 2010.  These Republicans are worst than the Whigs. They love America but hate Americans. I have a problem with this as our new constitution of 1787 starts with a government of the people, by the people and for the people. How can they love American and hate Americans?  Hamilton seemed to like a government patterned on the King's model.  They were the plutocrats.  Is it possible that today's Republicans are the plutocrats? In fact, from my grave, they seem to not really care whether Obama passes the Bush tax cuts or a Republican president passes them, just so they pass.  It's the money.  Get it!   The Republicans don't care who is in charge of Congress and the White House since both  cater to the plutocrats. Why not a Plutocrat Party?  Why? One can spell it Democratic or one could spell it Republican?  It so simple with these two choices.   It's the money.  I, Tom Jefferson, call it the Reverse  Robin Hood effect.  Transfer the money from the poor to the rich.  The rich then will then be able to use this borrowed federal money to create new jobs in China and India.  We didn't have many corporations in 1787, especially ones with the personal right guaranteed  under the Bill Of Rights.  Marshall would have never agreed, he understood the Bill Of Rights.   Why vote when the Plutocrats can manipulate votes through advertising and buy representatives and senators.  I think these newly bought  politicians are called Republicans.  I'm the First Democrat and I hope there is not a time machine which will bring me into 2010.  This is too wearisome, maybe I can bring up from my cellar a good bottle of French red wine, have a glass or two, and take a nap.

I'm so proud that my personal library which you see behind my blog writings became the new Library of Congress after the Brits burnt the first one down.   It was one of my finest contributions to America. Oh, I forget the Republicans must hate it as I don't believe they like to read history or even read in general. 

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